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Fresh Perspectives at the Frontiers of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering

After the great success of the 3rd Annual NanoScience Technology Symposium (NanoFlorida™ 2010), on behalf of the Conference Program Committee, we are proud to announce the 4th Annual NanoScience Technology Symposium (NanoFlorida 2011), which will be held on the campus of the College of Engineering and Computing Center  at Florida International University in Miami during September 30 th-October 1st 2011.

The annual Nanotechnology event is being organized with a view to:

  • Create a forum for researchers in the State of Florida for scientific exchange and to help identify emerging challenges at the frontiers of nanoscience and technology.
  • To provide a multidisciplinary educational forum consisting of established, new, and future engineers and clinical as well as basic science researchers to discuss new ideas and concepts in the field of nanotechnology.
  • Promote closer research ties and networking opportunities within the Florida nanoscience community.
  • Foster and encourage collaborative research efforts between academicians from different Florida universities and institutes and beyond.
  • Forge strong industry-academia partnerships in the field of nanoscience technology to promote market driven research and innovation in Florida and beyond.
  • Encourage and showcase the contributions of young graduate, undergraduate students and postdocs, especially underrepresented minorities, by creating a student-friendly event where they can present their research among their peers thereby ensuring a new generation of nanoscientists.

Our goal of the 2011 Nanoflorida event is to expand the scope of this program and make this annual event to be a premier Florida based event in the field of nanotechnology. We intend to cover the following cutting edge scientific topics which have significant economic impact.

  1. Nanomedicine, Nanobiotechnology and Nanobioengineering
  2. Novel Nanometerials and Devices
  3. Nanotechnology for Energy Applications

The 2011 Meeting will continue its well-established tradition of being a student oriented event in the state of Florida.

Described as the “only great city of the world that started as a fantasy,” Miami, with its subtropical climate, naturally protected harbor, and spectacular beaches, has traditionally been a haven for tourism.

Please consider contributing and encouraging your team members and colleagues to submit an abstract to the Florida based nano event.

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 15, 2011

Plan now to be part of this exciting conference.

Conference Organizing Committee Chairs

Dr. Chenzhong Li (Chair)

Dr. Anthony McGoron (Co-Chair)

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Florida International University, Miami, Florida


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